Psychic Readings by Amanda Taylor

Participate in Your Unfolding Life

Amanda's readings are clear, accurate, non-judgemental and delivered
with such a surrounding of love and safety.  Thank you Amanda!
Cathy in Denver CO

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Amanda Taylor is a psychic medium who lives in Spokane, WA. She has been doing readings for 10 years, and is dedicated to helping others by delivering messages from your Higher Self, Guides, your Angels and Loved Ones who have passed on. They offer messages on any area of your life and insights into your life lessons.

Many people seek guidance as to where they are going in life, why they are searching for more, why they continue to have the same issues with the same people, how their animal companions are doing, and wanting to connect with Loved Ones who have passed on.

Amanda is here to offer herself as a way for you to receive the messages Spirit is sending.

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